As a valued client, we aim to provide you with a service that meets all your recruitment requirements. To ensure that we provide industry-leading levels of service, we make the following commitments to you:

           Honesty and Integrity

           All candidates are fully interviewed prior to CV submission

           All candidates submitted for a vacancy will be given a detailed job specification,           where applicable

           Candidates are fully referenced to your criteria

           Winning Mentality

           We will conduct service reviews to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding            your expectations


           Candidate feedback/evaluation surveys or candidate reviews.

             Where possible, onsite job spec profiling

                Assignment Management

            One of the most important aspects of the service we offer you is an efficiently managed             process. The aim being to reduce, the number of hours you spend recruitment without             compromise on quality.

            We strive to meet with everyone involved in the recruitment process to discuss each role             and to gain a complete understanding of the exact requirements: technical, personal and             cultural.

             We then prepare a shortlist of candidates who match the role profile, critical competencies             and behavioral indicators. We only introduce a well-matched and relevant shortlist.

             All interviews are arranged for you and thorough feedback is given to both client and candidate.

                Aspects of process:

              Job spec profiling, Advertising, Sourcing, Ad response, Screening, Interviews, Shortlist,              Background checks, Process support